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standard files formats..?

Discussion in 'CAD' started by Fred*, Nov 1, 2006.

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  1. Fred*

    Fred* Guest

    I'm just beginning to work on a new personnal project that could eventually
    lead me to write a schematic editor. well, I know it's a complex task and I
    know that I won't have enough time to go to the end, but the goal is to
    learn new things in a pleasant way and that will just do it. and for now,
    I'm just collecting infos on different subjects.

    so my question here is about the files formats used most currently for
    netlists and for schematic components library.
    I did several searches and found different things for netlists about EDIF
    that is standardized, but I will have to pay to have the documentations (I
    will have a look to see if I can find a book at a correct price).

    there's also the PADS-PCB format wich seems to be simpler and recognized by
    many softwares and for wich I already found more infos.

    and the PSPICE format for wich there is infos anywhere..

    so, is there now some different files formats that I should consider..?
    does the EDIF format have many improvement compare to the PADS-PCB one..?

    I didn't made many searches yet about schematic library file format.. is it
    the Orcad file format that is find more currently on component makers
    webpages or is there others ones..? (I also see Cadence, Mentor, AXEL on
    Texas Instruments pages..).

    Thanks ..
  2. Fred*

    Fred* Guest

    well, I'm also still learning English language (I'm French). think I should
    have said "everywhere" here, instead of "anywhere"..
  3. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    Will we see it on SourceForge?
    ....or are you trying to make a buck of off this?

    When I see you reinvent-the-wheel types,
    I always want to ask, "Have you investigated gEDA and KiCAD?
    Is there something in their philosophies
    that makes you want to start from zero
    instead of contributing to a project with momentum?"
    It appears that the ECAD industry grudgingly assembled a "standard"
    then did everything they could to assure its death.*+turf-battle+Pulsonix-*-*-*-*-*-EDIF
    Perhaps you meant to use *advantages* there.
    I haven't ever used a package that supports EDIF,
    but the *interchange* thing seems appealing.

    :Fred* wrote:
    :I'm also still learning [the] English language (I'm French)
    Yes, the singular/plural thing still needs work
    --but I've seen worse from folks
    for whom English is ostensibly their native language.

    An old thing I like:
    If you speak 3 languages, you're trilingual.
    If you speak 2 languages, you're bilingual.
    If you speak 1 language, you're American.
  4. Fred*

    Fred* Guest

    well, I surely don't want to reinvent the wheel. as I said, that's
    essentialy for learning purpose (I'm coming back to Windows programming,with
    C# and as I didn't find a schematic software that really please me...).
    and there will probably never be something visible from this work, free or
    not.. (but of course if I got something to show it will be free and probably
    open source).
    I have many things to learn or remember before being able to really
    contribute to an existing open source project. and if I can do the
    different things I want to try, I could re-use my work for example to make a
    file importer/converter (for netlists or schematics) for an existing

    and I know gEDA, KiCAD, FreePCB, TinyCAD, SCORE,..
    I like SCORE, but it's still in early development (I tried to contact the
    developer, but his email is always full and rejecting new mail.. will try
    again later).

    concerning your link about EDIF, that's reflecting what I already found
    about it.. :-(

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