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standard charge or quick charge for nicads?

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Minty, Jul 16, 2003.

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  1. Minty

    Minty Guest

    I have a charger with standard and quick charge features for my 7.2v model
    car battery pack. Which charging method is better for the life of the
    battery pack, standard charge at 10-12 hours or quick charge at 4-5 hours? I
    charge the pack mostly on standard charge with occassional quick charge. My
    1800mAH battery pack is still in good condition after 3 years. I seemed to
    have read somewhere nicads need to be quick charged from time to time for
    whatever reason.
  2. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    ** What is the make and type of 1800 mAH cells ??

    How many charges has the pack had ?

    ............ Phil
  3. Rob Judd

    Rob Judd Guest

    You have it right. The only other thing to do to ensure they last is to
    occasionally discharge them completely before a slow charge. This tends
    to cancel out the "memory effect" which makes their charge shallow.

    A resistor across them with a LED in series is usually sufficient.

  4. happyhobit

    happyhobit Guest

    Hi Minty,

    The theory is that fast charging batteries conditions batteries for fast
    discharge. Also a 4 or 5 hour charge is not fast. A one hour or less charge
    is fast.

    For an 1800 mah cell. (NOTE: Efficiency isn't 100% so add more time or more
    current. 20% to 40%)

    Slow charge rate C/10 180ma for 10 hours (12 to 14 hours)

    Quick charge rate C/3 600 ma for 3 hours (3.5 hrs Watch the
    battery temp.)

    Fast charge rate 3C 5400 ma for 20 minutes. (Should be only used
    with a 'Peak Charger'.)

  5. Minty

    Minty Guest

    I'm not sure what make they are. The pack consists of 6 cells each measuring
    2cm in diameter and 4cm in height. I replaced the original 1200mAH cells
    with these 1800mAH cells which I bought from Jaycar. They're made in China.
    They have less than 100 charges. I always discharged the pack fully before
    recharging. On occassions the pack was left in the car unused for a couple
    of months.

    The Nikko charger specifies 3-4 hours for quick charge and 10-12 hours for
    standard charge for the original 1200mAH cells.

    These days I use the pack mainly to power my digital camera via an external
    DC adapter.
  6. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    ** If you get 100 charges from cheap cells you are doing OK.

    Buy some Sanyo ones next time.

    .............. Phil
  7. Craig Hart

    Craig Hart Guest

    Your charger is now probably not suited to the cells if it is a basic
    timer-based charger - it will most likely be undercharging, unless it is an
    intelligent charger with delta-v detection or other intelligent charging

  8. Mainlander

    Mainlander Guest

    Modelling stuff often uses a type of cell called a "sub C".
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