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SST replacement chip for Winbond chip (Bios for A8N32-SLI)

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Skybuck, Jun 6, 2007.

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  1. Skybuck

    Skybuck Guest

  2. randy

    randy Guest

  3. Skybuck

    Skybuck Guest

  4. Skybuck

    Skybuck Guest

  5. Skybuck

    Skybuck Guest

    What do they mean with:

    Lead and Lead-free.

    Do they mean the metal ?

    Is their a health risk during normal operation... like lead particles
    in the air or so ?

    Or is this only of concern during a fire/meltdown ?

    Or is it only of concern when throwing it in the waste basket ?

  6. Frank McCoy

    Frank McCoy Guest

    Yes. Mostly in solder.
    At one time *all* solders were lead/tin based; with 60/40 lead-tin
    eutectic solder being the commonest for all electronics.
    Not *particles* per-se; but lead fumes. Small, actually, as the lead
    doesn't vaporize much at barely liquid temperatures; but not nonexistent
    either. The fumes *do* solidify into minute particles though; which are
    easily breathed.
    Mostly during:
    A. Production.
    B. Scrapping.
    C. Yes, fire/meltdown.

    Production these days have mostly switched almost completely to non
    tin/lead solders. Scrapping old electronics though is a problem when
    they end up in landfills where the lead can leach out over time.
    For the *consumer* mainly the last.
    That's just one reason of many that they're beginning to outlaw throwing
    electronics devices of any size in the trash. Cadmium and other toxic
    metals are now becoming of even more concern than lead these days;
    because many/most companies *are* removing lead based solders from their
    manufacturing methods.

    Another plus for recycling is the *reclaiming* of many valuable metals
    such as copper and gold (and yes, lead and cadmium too). Electrolysis
    works wonders there.

    One thing *hard* to reclaim is the lead in CRT glass, used as a barrier
    for the soft radiation emitted. However, luckily, such thick glass
    envelopes are declining rapidly in popularity in favor of flat-panel
    displays for both TV and computer monitors, that just don't NEED such
    thick leaded-glass envelopes any more.
  7. Chris Jones

    Chris Jones Guest

    I have read many times that below 500 degrees C, the vapour presure of lead
    is not high enough to be a hazard. I have not heard any claims that the
    fumes from soldering contain hazardous amounts of lead. What IS
    potentially hazardous is the fumes from the burning flux that accompanies
    soldering. The flux for lead-free soldering supposedly results in more
    dangerous fumes because it is a more active flux and the temperature is
    higher, but then you weren't supposed to breathe it anyway....
    This is the supposed reason for RoHS, which implies that they do not believe
    that they will succeed in collecting the waste under the other expensive
    scheme that they have introduced (WEEE), or alternatively, they might be
    wanting to redefine "burning circuit boards" as "recycling", or perhaps
    they recycle them as a "means of filling unwanted holes in the ground".
    I'm not sure which it is.
    But they still allow you to put hundreds of kilograms of lead on the roof of
    your house, in direct contact with rainwater! Somehow it makes the lead on
    a non-compliant 0402 component seem insignificant.

  8. Phil Weldon

    Phil Weldon Guest

    'Skybuck' wrote, in part:
    | My Asus A8N32-SLI motherboard came with a Winbond W39V080APZ BIOS
    | CHIP.
    | I think this SST chip could replace it:

    Since the SST chip is a package with either 48 pins or 48 BGA contacts, it
    is not physically compatible with the Winbond chip. Since the chip contains
    at most 1 MByte flash memory, it contains only a PART of the BIOS; just the
    part that can be flashed updated. Try .

    You can purchase a replacement chip programmed with your choice of BIOS
    version, a blank replacement chip, or have your current BIOS chip
    reprogrammed if you have committed a bad flash.

    Phil Weldon

    | Hello,
    | My Asus A8N32-SLI motherboard came with a Winbond W39V080APZ BIOS
    | CHIP.
    | I think this SST chip could replace it:
    | Not 100% sure though.
    | Bye,
    | Skybuck.
  9. Skybuck

    Skybuck Guest

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