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SSR Question

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by B. Woods, Feb 26, 2004.

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  1. B. Woods

    B. Woods Guest

    I'm completely frstrated with an SSR design I'm working on.

    I'm working with a Potter & Brumfield SSR-240D50.
    I'm trying to switch a simple resistive heating coil that comes out at a
    little over 4 amps at 124V.

    Initially I had this hooked to a pin on my printer port. I have other, much
    smaller, SSR's that I run this way. For some of my tests I put a 9volt
    battery across the drive lines.

    I have, quite literally, an electrical cord that I spliced the SSR into.
    One side of the cut is on pin 1, the other side is on pin 2 (which are
    labeled 120/240vac).

    Whenever the cord is plugged in I read 124v at the plugged. There isn't
    enough current to drive anything, but there is energy. This concerns me.

    LPT: First test was totally dead.
    LPT: Second test I plugged in a light bulb, worked perfect for many
    LPT: OK, I hooked up my heating coil... dead.
    9V Batt.: Back to the light bulb... works (here I'm pretty frustrated)
    LPT: Hook it back up to my heating coil... Works!!!
    LPT: Do some tuning on my code that drives the device, run it again...
    Works intermittently, once turned off it wouldn't always come back on.

    Dismantle, hook drive lines directly to 9 volts... Dead
    Never works again.

    (Step 10 - Hit the newsgroups at, find little of value, deicde
    to post)

    Can anyone see what I'm missing? I have similar designs running on 3amp SSR.
    Is it possible that I have a bad SSR.

    Here is the spec sheet for the SSR:

    <Please respond to the newsgroup> bwoods114<at>charter(dot)<net>

  2. CFoley1064

    CFoley1064 Guest

    Subject: SSR Question
    Hi, Brad. You've probably got a bad SSR, if it doesn't work with a 9V battery
    (check battery voltage). Driving an SSR directly from a printer port pin is a
    little unorthodox, but whatever lights your bulb...

    Good luck
  3. B. Woods

    B. Woods Guest

    You were right. My local supplier replaced it. All is well now.

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