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Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Manlio Laschena, Jan 5, 2004.

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  1. I am going to change boat and I have uninstalled my old TS 430S SSB
    that still works fine and I have to reinstall on the new boat.

    Discussion on SSB are very frequent, here around, but I have not been
    able to find out someone talking of the hard job to clean RFI out of
    the on board circuits, when SSB goes on air.
    I remember that when I installed the TX I had to put ferrite chokes
    and capacitors, for a week, before to obtain a reasonable RFI clean

    Now I fear to start again with this job, on the new boat, and I wonder
    if someone of you has a reference documentation to suggest, in order
    to do it at the best.

    Thanks a lot for the attention.

    Best regards,

    Manlio Laschena
  2. RB

    RB Guest

    I'm puzzled by the rfi question on the TS 430S. I use one daily, and
    haven't had any rfi problems. The TS 430S isn't known for those kinds of
    problems. Is your rfi from an external source? If so, that's a whole
    different problem.
  3. RB

    RB Guest

    OK. Now I think I see. You're talking about rfi caused to other
    electrical/electronic things in the vicinity of the TS 430S.
  4. Followup to msg on Tue, 6 Jan 2004 01:18:36 -0600, "RB"
    <> :
    (Original msg on bottom)

    Yes .
    I think you were not talking of a TX installe on a sailing boat,
    powered from the 12 v DC of board, with a lot of other equipments and
    circuit nearby and with the coax crossing, at leas four meters inside
    the boat prior to reach the insulated backstay, that work as antenna.
    RFI is all over ... it's a mess, trust me.
    In addition the dynaplate not always works well as grounding plate...
    There is a good searching and cleaning work to be done at first
    I hope now my wuestion is clearer.

    Thanks for your attention


    Manlio Laschena
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