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Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by RRogers, Mar 10, 2006.

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  1. RRogers

    RRogers Guest

    I am redesigning a CPU board and am having problems determining product
    availability. I thought I had a reasonable set of alternate sources,
    but after searching I am having doubts.
    Who does inventory?

    I would appreciate any suggestions. The parts are:

    SRAM, 2Mbyte per chip, 16Mbit, 1Mword X16, 55ns access
    1. Renesas, R1LV1616H-5SI--ROHS
    2. SAMSUNG, K6F1616U6C-XF55 -- ROHS
    3. BSI BH616UV1610-A-I-G=55 --ROHS
    4. (With DN jumper removed) CY62167DV30LL-55ZXI Lead Free

    FLASH, 8Mbyte per chip, 32 Mbit, 2MWord X16, 70ns access
    1. Intel, PH28F320C3D70 ROHS
    2. ST, M28W320FCB-70-ZB ROHS
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