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SRAM digital camera

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by jeff, Nov 3, 2003.

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  1. jeff

    jeff Guest


    I recently bought a digital camera which is more of a curiosity than a
    camera thats actually usable, It was very cheap and as a result is
    also very nasty.

    Basically im thinking about intergrating it into a project (robotics
    or rocketry) and what to in affect hack it,

    at the moment it has an SDRAM, so all pictures are lost when the
    battery runs out, I was woundering whether I could replace the current
    SDRAM with a larger one? The chip manufacturers is something like one
    of these permutations 3ooster/ 3odster/ bodster/ booster and has the
    chip number of bt3617161t, I was just woundering it anyone knew of a
    place to get a data sheet as I have so far been very unsuccesful in
    even finding the website on the manufacturer.

    The other thing I was interested in doing was finding out it if would
    be possible to replace the SDRAM with something non-volatile. I dont
    know whether this is possible, as I need to do some research was just
    shooting ideas off you. Another thing I was thinking of doing was
    adding in a button battery to prevent accidental memory loss, but if I
    can replace with non voliatle memory theres no need really.

    thanks in advance for your help, I hope no one minds the cross post.

  2. Deepu Talla

    Deepu Talla Guest

    Are you sure that there is not another memory on the camera, either a nand
    flash or compact flash/SD/MMC/MS or whatever? SDRAM is just for temporary
    storage, code and pictures are stored in a non-volatile memory.

  3. jeff

    jeff Guest

    SDRAM can and is in my case used for temporary storage, so long as the
    power is left on the memory is retained.

    Ive taken the camera apart already, its only about 2cm x 5cm

    I am well aware of the differences of volatile and non-volatile memory

    It there was a compact flash adapter in this camera then I very much
    doubt it would have cost £12 or around $6-$8

    Im kinda tempted to remove the SRAM and then make the data in line go
    to a pic which is controlling a compact flash card, and have a load of
    or gates there to detect the change in address which is put to the
    address bus of the SDRAM, not sure whetehr this would work, probably
    need so thinking about


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