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Sprint layout PCB software

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by mkr5000, Mar 5, 2013.

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  1. mkr5000

    mkr5000 Guest

    Anyone using this?

    It looks like it DOESN'T automatically create a plated through connection when I run a lower and upper trace to the same pad !! ?

    I have to go back now and run a separate pad, match the dimensions and designate it "through pad"?

    Or -- stupid question, when the house gets my gerber files, will all holes be automatically plated through when I specify a double sided board? (don't think so -- can't remember).

    Hate this new google groups format -- wanted to cross post to electronics.cad also -- can't do it.
  2. How do you know?
    Yes, this is what usually happens. You do need an actual pad, bigger
    than the specified hole, on the artwork on both sides.

    Sometimes you want a few holes *not* plated through, such as mounting
    holes that you dont want to pickup solder. These are the ones you need
    to specify "NPTH" or some such. But the default will be to plate
  3. So switch back to the old google groups. That's what I'm doing..
    google keeps saying it's going away soon... but.

    George H.
  4. mkr5000

    mkr5000 Guest

    Straight from Sprint -- it doesn't automatically create a through hole -- you have to go back and manually add it ! Nor does it give a default through hole as an option.

    Nice program otherwise but no way I'm going to keep using it.

    I understand you wouldn't want to connect a surface mount pad but if your connecting to a pad with a HOLE ? -- c'mon !
  5. mkr5000

    mkr5000 Guest

    how do I switch back? looked everywhere for that option.
  6. Can't help thinking you are misunderstanding something here. How can you
    tell if a given hole is plated through or not? What is the software
    doing that is making you think the hole is *not* plated through?

    AFAIK the gerbers, for example (the final artwork sent to the
    manufacturer) have no way of distinguishing plated from not. You usually
    have to communicate this by other means. For example I generate a
    separate drill data file for "PTH" and "non-pth" holes.
  7. Well for me there is a little gear/wheel thing up in the corner that
    brings down a settings menu. The last item on the menu is titled
    "switch back to the old google groups". (or something like that)

    George H.
  8. My guess(trademarked by Jeff L.) is that it doesn't put any hole (via)
    in when switching from one layer to another during routing.

    George H.
  9. Hi George,

    Yes, could be. Might even make sense if pad is in fact a surface mount
    "node" (as my software calls them).
  10. Guest

    I have Sprint Layout. It's nimble and light--anti-bloatware. I like
    it a lot.

    It's strictly manual, no schematic or netlist interface (at least in
    my version), but it's more than enough for small projects and useful
    in planning large ones. I sometimes use it for sizing boards as a
    sketch-pad, placing parts to see if they'll fit, and roughing out the
    placement. It's very fast.

    If you put in a via (or a through-hole pad), then of course you can
    connect traces on different layers. It also lets you place an SMD pad
    on just one layer, in which there's no hole, naturally.
    When they dip the board in their chemical baths, all holes get plated
    (unless special measures are taken to prevent it).
    Before you log in, the last option on the options menu is "Switch back
    to old Google Groups."

    James Arthur
  11. Uwe Hercksen

    Uwe Hercksen Guest


    it is done with the drill programms. Drills done before plating are
    plated through and drills done after plating are not plated.
    A gerber contains only the artwork for one layer and no other information.

  12. It's an option in Altium, for example, to generate separate NC drill
    files for plated and non-plated holes. Otherwise, the board maker is
    going to have to sort them out.
  13. Guest

    It can be a little tricky. If you select the options menu, it should
    be the last option. But if it is not , then select the cozy or
    compact option , and then select the options menu again. It will be
    there the second time you select the options menu.

    When you get in the old google groups, then bookmark that page so you
    do not have to screw around again.

  14. josephkk

    josephkk Guest

    So get a real news server and a real news reader. See eternal-september
    for a server and pan for a news reader.

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