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Split System Air Conditioner

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Lord-Data, Mar 15, 2005.

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  1. Lord-Data

    Lord-Data Guest

    Does anyone know if these are installable without a lisenced installer? From
    my understanding, they are a standard powerpoint plug? Can anyone confirm

    In particular, this is a 1HP Mistral split system .. Is it something that
    just wired into power and has a pipe put thru the wall to the outside unit?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. **Are all the lines charged? If they're not, you'll need to pay someone to
    evacuate the system and charge it. Wiring it up is child's play. Of course,
    you SHOULD employ a professional for this too.
  3. swanny

    swanny Guest

    The split system I had installed was gassed on site after all the
    plumbing was put in. The power was the easy bit. I believe there's an
    expansion valve in the wall unit and a compressor and heat exchanger
  4. John_H

    John_H Guest

    No licence required to install a domestic a/c -- unless the police
    states have different rules. Wiring changes will need a licenced
    electrician, who isn't likely to be the best person to commission it.
    There's no reason why you can't run a small unit from a 10A GPO (check
    its starting current from the spec sheet).

    Ours (Daikin) came with the refrigerant charge (R22) pre-installed in
    the compressor unit -- which is pretty much standard AFAIK. After
    connecting the pipes it's necessary to evacuate the wall unit and
    pipes and leak test before opening the valves on the outside unit. I
    did my own using automotive a/c equipment (no licence required for
    that either) -- electrician wired it as it's a largish unit (3kW

    Be particulary wary of installers who don't use a vacuum pump (heaps
    don't). The cheapskate trick is to use some of the refrigerant in the
    compressor to flush the evaporator. Not only will you finish up with
    a reduced charge containing air and moisture -- you'll also void the
    manufacturer's warranty. FWIW the electrician who wired ours thought
    that was the correct way as it was the only way he'd previously seen
    it done.
  5. Blutt

    Blutt Guest

    Assuming you want to know the legal side of it:
    Needs fixed wiring complying with AS/NZ 3000 so rules say must use an
    electrician (all states).

    Flaring of lines required for refrigerant, also have to open valves to
    R22, so by law supposed to have someone accredited to use refrigerants.

    Having said that, everyone thinks they can do it anyhow, just like fixing
    your own car!.

    BTW, the Mistral units are about as good as LG!
  6. Lord-Data

    Lord-Data Guest

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    I've managed to find and download the install manual in PDF, it really seems
    to be aimed at someone who plans to DIY .. The manual just mentioned
    "discharging the air within the unit" as:
    Remove screw cap closing valve gas chagring hole
    Open closing valve with allen key, and push in the gas charging hole for
    about 10 seconds, until a gas like fog appears
    screw down the screw cap charge hole
    check for leaks

    No mention of vacing anything

    Mentions that you only need to add refidgerent if your hoses are longer than

    Is that a good or bad thing? :)

    It is for a very small room that can be closed off, so even if its a lower
    spec/quality unit, it should do me fine, and its a damn good price at the
    moment (Kmart)
  7. Ed \(\)

    Ed \(\) Guest

    and the hoses are optional extra, good luck trying to buy any.
  8. Blutt

    Blutt Guest

    As someone else mentioned the lines 'should' be pulled down with a vac pump
    to ensure all air is removed.

    The method outlined above sounds like "purging", works but not the correct
    way to do the job. ( have to wonder what the EPA would say about HFC's being
    released into the atmosphere!)
    Hoses will turn out to be annealed copper tubing, liquid line probably 1/4
    gas line either 3/8 or 1/2". You get to make your own flares on the pipes
    as well.
    Just a smart alek comment :)
    LG doesn't have the best reputation..
    Should be fine, I didn't mean to insinuate it was a POS per se, just that
    its not the best brand available. Having said that Mistral have good
    warranty and won't be gone tomorrow if it does develop a fault.

  9. Lance Ryan

    Lance Ryan Guest

    If you have to handle refrigerant (which you will either
    purging/vacuuming/charging your system)
    Any fixed wiring has to done by a licensed electrical contractor.

    All that aside, there are few things to be aware of when installing splits:

    1. make sure the service valves (gas and liquid lines) are opened fully on
    2. take particular care when installing the drain, as this pipe is under a
    slight vacuum
    from the head blower, any slight elevation will cause the pipe to block
    up condensate to leak from the head.
    3.never pull on the liquid/gas line at the head as they facture easily is easiest to install the head on a wall that is common with the
    building exterior for the purpose of the drain.
    5.allow the condensate to drain into a tundish before connecting to a sewer

    Best of luck
  10. John_H

    John_H Guest


    He could always move to Queensland which has no licensing requirement
    (as well as a lack of federal agents engaged in the detection such
    offences). :)

    Or else move to R290, which isn't a CFC, HCFC, HFC, PFC or halon, and
    isn't therefore covered by the above legislation, and will no doubt
    become a popular alternative in the police states after July 1. It's
    performance is similar, if not superior to R22 (which is currently
    being phased out for a vastly inferior alternative).

    R290 is not only endorsed by Greenpeace, it's also so widely available
    that most households already have at least one 9kg container on hand.
  11. Lance Ryan

    Lance Ryan Guest

    Yeah, should make leak testing a lot easier too, if you smoke that is ;o)

  12. Lance Ryan

    Lance Ryan Guest

    Seems to have gone the complete loop, NH3 and R290 were the primary
    used before Freon..... I think the motivation away from ammonia, propane,and
    petrol ether was an
    obvious one then, I wonder why not now?

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