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Split Air-Con power consumtion

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by AcCeSsDeNiEd, Feb 14, 2004.

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  1. AcCeSsDeNiEd

    AcCeSsDeNiEd Guest

    Hi group,

    I am wondering if I leave just one unit of my 4-split air-con on,
    will the power consumption be the same as leaving all 4 units on?

    I was thinking if there is only one compressor, then switching on just one unit, would 'take-up' the
    whole compressor?

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  2. SQLit

    SQLit Guest

    I for one do not understand what your talking about.

    I have had my head in the clouds for years, so it is probably all me.
  3. AcCeSsDeNiEd

    AcCeSsDeNiEd Guest

    Ok, LOL!

    Ehh...what do u mean ' totally different system'?

    Probably a stupid question coming up.
    Just how many condensers does a split air-con system have?
    I can only see one 'physical' box outside my home which all the 4 air-cons are connected to.
    Someone once told me that this 'box' can contain about 2 or more condensers serving different
    air-con units.

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  4. Ben Miller

    Ben Miller Guest

    Actually, it is the compressor that runs. The condensor is just the heat
    exchanger that rejects the heat.
    It will consume less, but not necessarily 25%, since the one may see a much
    greater cooling load than it does when four are running, so the power into
    it will go up.

    Ben Miller
  5. AcCeSsDeNiEd

    AcCeSsDeNiEd Guest

    Eh...but what if the all the 4 air-con units are in separate rooms?

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  6. ©¿©¬

    ©¿©¬ Guest

  7. daestrom

    daestrom Guest

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