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spice/simulink for arc lamp (ignition) simulation feasible?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Mathias, Mar 12, 2007.

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  1. Mathias

    Mathias Guest

    Dear ng,

    [first thanks for help on my earlier questions (Steve and Bill!), I'll
    answer next week to some suggestions when I had time to work on them!]

    I'm working on a power supply for an arc lamp but since my intuition
    about electronics is sometimes rather limited and there's some high
    voltage needed to ignite these lamps, I'd like to simulate some designs
    with spice first(or maybe simulink).
    But it's been a few years since I used spice. It was great for the IC
    simulations at the uni, but I wonder if it's usefull to simulate the
    ignition of an arc lamp. I guess it's very hard to model the arc lamp
    itself (unless someone already did it), but maybe it's not or someone
    has an idea if it is possible with a few days of work?

  2. Guest

    An arc lamp is basically (leaving a lot of "detail" out) just a
    resistor with a great big negative kink in its slope. Do you have a
    model for say a tunnel diode that you could tweak?

    Mark L. Fergerson
  3. Mathias

    Mathias Guest

    The tunnel diode is probably a good start, thanks for the idea.
    I found a paper on modelling a different kind of arc lamp with spice

    Reading that I get a pretty good understanding of the complexity of my
    endeavor... I think I'll start with the diode ;)


    PS: Should someone know about other existing models of arc lamps in
    spice/pspice I'd still be interested.
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