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spice models for TIC226M, MOC3021

Discussion in 'CAD' started by Malcolm Reeves, May 24, 2007.

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  1. Hi,

    Anyone know of models for the TIC226M triac or the MOC3021 opto triac?




    Malcolm Reeves BSc CEng MIEE MIRSE, Full Circuit Ltd, Chippenham, UK
    (, or ).
    Design Service for Analogue/Digital H/W & S/W Railway Signalling and Power
    electronics. More details plus freeware, Win95/98 DUN and Pspice tips, see: or

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  2. Hello Malcolm,

    Just join the LTspice Yahoo-group. There is a model for LTspice in the
    Files section of this group.


    Best regards,
  3. Thanks for that. I now have 2 MOC3021 models but no TIC226 :-(.

    It looks like it may not be too difficult to model this in Pspice. The
    standard Triac models use datasheet numbers. However, typically, the
    datasheet doesn't seem to have all the numbers I need :-(.
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