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SPICE for Mac OS X?

Discussion in 'CAD' started by Chaos Master, Nov 18, 2004.

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  1. Chaos Master

    Chaos Master Guest

  2. Have you checked on versiontracker or macupdate?

    MacSpice and MI-Sugar are likely candidates for simulation.
    Sugar has some basic schematic entry tools, and can run gnucap as an
    alternative to the spice engine.

    If you are looking more towards PCB production, then take a look
    at OsmondPCB. (they have a yahoo discussion forum that should help
    get you oriented for schematic capture, etc... )

  3. Ray Curry

    Ray Curry Guest

    Capilano has DesignWorks which has a simulator (optional). They partner
    with Douglas Engineering who has a CAD layout program and Douglas can
    even do a proto-board for you from the raw layout files. Both run on X
    and work quite well for what I do. The Gerber I generated did have to
    have a manual touch up in the PC program that my companies board maker
    used but even that was only about three feedthrough holes.
  4. Chaos,
    I've seen LTspice run on a virtual PC on
    a 1GHz Mac G4. It was running at about 2/3 the
    speed of my 1.5GHz Centrino notebook, so it's
    definitely a viable way of doing simulations
    and probably faster than native OS X Mac SPICE

  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I believe that the BeigeBag SPICE (with included schematic capture,etc.)
    has a MAC version. I've been running their Windows version for a few
    years now and am very happy with it. The web site is
  6. They don't have a MacOSX version that I know of.

    MI-Sugar is pretty similar to the old B2Spice that I had seen some years ago.

  7. Chaos Master

    Chaos Master Guest

    Mike Engelhardt [] wrote to us:
    Also an option. I am mainly interested in knowing what options are
    available for OS X... because I have friends that are interested in Mac
    (for graphics work) and they're also electronics software users.

  8. If they want spice (as opposed to schematic capture) MacSpice is at:

  9. Chaos Master

    Chaos Master Guest

    Isn't Charles DH Williams missing?
    I know MacSPICE.

    SPICE is useful, but about schematic capture is also.
  10. : I know MacSPICE.

    : SPICE is useful, but about schematic capture is also.

    If you can handle a CLI-based SPICE, but also want schematic capture,
    the gEDA suite has been ported to OSX. Fink packages are available at:

    As for SPICE itself, well, there's MacSPICE, or you could download the
    latest ngspice and try compiling it using gcc on the Mac. I haven't
    heard anybody do that, but Linux stuff ports to OSX pretty easily.

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