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spectrum analyzer

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by Mark Hathaway, Apr 6, 2004.

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  1. Howdy everyone,

    I'm looking for a spectrum analyzer to help me with the design of an audio
    DAC, specifically the design of the dc power rails and the effects of the
    Murata high value ceramic capacitors. Of course I'm looking for an
    ecconomical solution, clock speeds in my design are 100mhz, so I guess I'm
    looking for something that can reslove 1ghz? +/-5v to +/- 20v rails.

    Second hand or new, stand alone or pc based I'm not fussed. Thanks in
    advance for any suggestions.

    Mark Hathaway

  2. Jean-Yves

    Jean-Yves Guest

    ebay will be your solution...
    but be prepared for high prices... $1000 is the lowest you will find for
    a 1ghz spectrum analyser...

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