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Spectrum Analyzer vs. Field Strength Analyzer

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by J Autt, Oct 7, 2004.

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  1. J Autt

    J Autt Guest

    I am looking for a handheld Spectrum Analyzer BK2650 (Link1 below) or
    Field Strength Analyzer Protek 3290 (Link2). The problem is that I
    cannot see the major differences between them, yet there's a major
    price difference of $1000-2000. Can anyone tell me what the major
    differences between a spectrum analyzer and Field Strength Analyzer?
    Is it in demodulation ways, sweep speed, display freq span, or some
    extra stuff that I do not need as an amateur/electronics hobbyist?

    Reference pictures:

    Link1 precision/2650.htm
  2. News

    News Guest

    Spectrum Analyzer
    An instrument which displays the frequency spectrum of an input signal,
    usually amplitude vertical vs. frequency horizontal.

    Field Strength Analyzer
    Practical field-strength measurements call for an analyzer that is portable
    yet powerful. The model 3290 RF Field Strength Analyzer from PROTEK Test and
    Measurement (Allendale, NJ) is a handheld instrument that contains not only
    a full-featured spectrum analyzer capable of measurements from 100 kHz to
    2.9 GHz, but also a sensitive frequency counter, a host of demodulators, and
    the choice of operating on batteries, AC, or vehicle DC power.


  3. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    Field-strength measurements call for an analyzer that is portable
    and *sensitive* (NOT "powerful"; this is not a transmitter for moon
  4. Field-strength measurements call for an analyzer that is portable
    By "powerful" in advertising literature they probably mean lots of
    filtering/display options, connectivity, DSP functionality, that kind
    of thing.
  5. Rich Webb

    Rich Webb Guest

    Just curious (and I apologize for reincarnating a thread that's almost a
    month old) but did you take the plunge on either of the instruments? I'm
    tempted by the 3290 and wondered if you got it and what your thoughts
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