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spectral distributions

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Michiel Kamermans, May 28, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know of publically available data (either formulaic or just
    plain numeric) regarding the spectral distributions for varying light
    sources such as sunlight, clouded skylight, tungsten lighting, LED
    lighting, fillament bulbs, candle light etc (accurate to 1 or ideally 1/2

    If the information is on the internet I am failing the google test to find
    it... =(

    Thanks in advance,

    - Mike Kamermans
  2. Peter Pan

    Peter Pan Guest

    Most of the spectrums I have seen are graphical. There are some
    programs that allow you to extract data from graphs. Unless there are
    some people around that have tabular data, you might try this.
  3. TKM

    TKM Guest

    There was a public reference published some years ago with tabular spectral
    data for general lighting lamps. I thought it was produced by NIST, but I
    can't find it on the NIST site It was great because the data
    were a composite of the lamps from various manufacturers and it was reported
    at 1 nm. intervals. I think the CIE has published something similar as
    well. Maybe others can recall the references.

    Terry McGowan
  4. Guest

    Ioannis Galidakis often participates in this group and has photographs
    of spectra from several sources on his Web site. Using "ioannis
    spectra" (no quotes) in Google gives Ioannis' page as the second hit
    and from Don Klipstein as the
    first hit. Don's page has a link to some NIST data at . Ioannis'
    pages are quite worthwhile by themselves and can be found at .

    Matt Roberds
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