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Specific 555 circuit

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by Henry, Dec 25, 2005.

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  1. Henry

    Henry Guest

    Hi, dabbling with some TTL stuff that I dug out of storage. Im about 25
    years rusty since I tinkered with this stuff all those years ago. Anyway,
    working on a project where it would be deal to have a 555-timer based
    monostable multivibrator (with retrigger ability.) Is that possible with the
    555? I have found many circuits online (actually mostly the same one over
    and over again) but they dont seem to support re-triggering with the 555.

  2. Henry

    Henry Guest

    Okay, thanks. That foils my one idea. I have an old SN74123 Dual
    re-trigerable monostable multivibrator. I had simply hoped that a single 555
    timer could do the same so that I did not have to waste half the 74123
    package. I only have a couple of these and no funds to acquire anymore of
    them at the present.

  3. Henry

    Henry Guest

    Thanks, I will give it a try. One question. I am uncertain what the NCH
    component is. I assume its not hydrogen cyanide as that would be HCN. :)

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