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Special Screw

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Anonymous Sender, Apr 5, 2008.

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  1. Guest

    Sony partnumber 324018911 for that special price of 61.31 USD.
    Don't buy Sony? :)

    Iow, don't accept nonstandard stuff unless there's a real need for it.
    Guess this is a repair however.
  2. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest

    * FLAG:JERK Message-ID:**

    ...Jim Thompson
  3. neon


    Oct 21, 2006
    stay away from sony their design is to make sure that is obsolete in one year.

  4. It isn't possible to laugh all the way to the bank unless the per unit
    price is at least $4.00. That way, you can feel just like a
    pharmaceutical company.

    America got fucked by their fellow Americans. We just don't know it
  5. A #4 is a screw size designation for machine screws. That is a screw
    made for plastic. Like a wood screw, it cuts its own threads as it is
    driven in the hole the first time.

    There is also a chance that it is a sheet metal screw, but it is
    unlikely given the screw length, and the difference in the thread
    construction is very small between sheet metal and wood or plastic

    Being a "modern" Sony part, I would say that it is minimum Phillips
    head, but could also be hex or thorax. It could even be torx with a
    security option, which would also make it a "special crew".
  6. Wow. Only a twelve to one differential.

    EUD is at 0.64 right now.
  7. PeterD

    PeterD Guest

    That price is because it meets ROHS perhaps?

  8. It mentions VAT charges, so it is likely what happens when one orders a
    part from the US, through a UK vendor.

    Though I do not know anywhere that it would be considered reasonable
    markup. I can't imagine that anyone actually paid that much for one or
    that one.

    Or maybe that was an ebay final bid result!
  9. Yes. Technically, the machine screws would be called "4-40" for the
    same size family, in the US.
  10. skenn_ie

    skenn_ie Guest

    I believe the #4 refers to the diameter in 1/16's, the - 10 is length
    in 1/8's
  11. Wrong and wrong, and you also do not know about posting protocols.

    The screw standard is not a multiple of 16ths of an inch, and the length
    is not referred to in 8ths of an inch.

    This ain't email. Refrain from top posting in Usenet. Learning about
    and subsequently following the conventions of the forum you are
    participating in is not difficult.
  12. amdx

    amdx Guest

    But it's a Sony! :)

  13. Boy , you sure LEFT yourself out in the cold with that stupid bullshit.
  14. No. It appears as if it could be a Phillips head. It could also be a
    torx head or torx+security.
    Which it is.
    I know there are differences in the thread and root height and depth
    between wood, plastic, and sheet metal screws, which would otherwise all
    be the same for any given diameter,
    Not necessarily. Again, it very well could be a "security fastener".

    They were commonly used in the video game industry days, and still are
    in the electronics industry on any cabinet/can/chassis/etc. that they
    want to restrict access to with a bit more fervor than a standard screw.

    I am sorry if you are unaware of their existence. That doesn't change
    the fact that they do exist. That does not make this screw worth 61
    euros though.
  15. krw

    krw Guest

    Interesting. I use #7x1-5/8" square-head-recessed stainless trim
    screws all the time.

  16. Given your lack of an eye for the details, I doubt seriously that you
    could identify a screw by sight, so you wouldn't even know if you had
    ever seen or used them.
  17. Bet you can only do it up with a left-handed screwdriver!

  18. krw

    krw Guest

    I wasn't doubting you, just that the "size" does exist. ...and the
    screws *do* exist (I've even bought them at the "local" hardware
    store). I'm pretty sure I've seen #5s too, though can't remember
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