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Speaking of Commercial

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Bob La Londe, Jan 24, 2012.

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  1. Bob La Londe

    Bob La Londe Guest

    You know, of late I have been doing as much machine work (making big pieces
    of metal into smaller pieces of metal) as I have communication installing,
    but I got a call from a good customer last week who needed some cabling done
    for a bunch of new APs to integrate with an inventory management system. I
    was originally working for the plant management company (my current client)
    on behalf of a company I had never worked for before, but is a plant use
    client of theirs.

    It didn't seem particularly challenging technically, but after the first day
    when I worked until the batteries died on my scissor lift I was actually
    looking forward to going to work. I normally get the kids off to school and
    go back to bed for an hour or two. The last couple days I have had my first
    cup of coffee before its time to wake them up, and I've been out the door
    right behind them.

    Along the course of the job I coordinated with the IT guy for the company
    requesting the work. Basically he was going to wait for me to run the cable
    and install a new J-box to hold the new equipment to accommodate the
    additional APs. Then he was going to hop on the corporate jet and fly down
    to tie everything down and install the new hardware.

    I asked him a few questions and each time he had an issue I had an answer.
    The cost of the job nearly doubled, but they will save that just in jet
    fuel. Their guy is no longer coming down at all. As soon as the new
    switching equipment arrives, I'll be tying it all in for them.

    The work itself is enjoyable, but there are several things that made it
    really a positive job for me. Every time they had a concern or a problem I
    had an answer. They didn't expect me to provide all the answers at the
    original price estimate. (Residential is notorious for that.)

    I have had some pain is the keester customers with both residential and
    commercial, but I have to say the most fun and profitable individual jobs
    tend to be commercial. This isn't really a big job for me, but it's the
    most fun I've had with a screwdriver in a while.
  2. Bob La Londe

    Bob La Londe Guest

    You know its funny. I routinely tell my customers I am NOT a computer guy,
    and refer them to some of the "computer" guys I know for pc repairs, network
    configuration etc. Its amazing how many of them ask me point blank if I can
    do what they need anyway, and they pay my field service rate to do it even
    though I charge more than the computer guys I normally send them to. Got a
    call Friday from one of my commercial customers asking me to fix a computer
    networking problem at his house, because his daughter was freaking out about
    not being able to connect to the on-line classes she was taking to augment
    her regular high school classes. Turns out that Qworst ... or is it
    Penitentiary Link now... had set up a wireless router/modem/hub all in one
    unit on one computer for them, and never given them any of the logon
    information, wireless ID, etc. Sigh. I really hate
    Qworst/PenitentiaryLink. I got into the router, found the information they
    needed (which was different than info on a label on the bottom of the
    router) and got them all working properly. I also fixed several "while you
    are here" problems with PCs printers, etc. The customer was thrilled and
    told me upfront he would pay my over time rate. (120/hr) He's a good
    customer and I just invoiced him for regular time, but its nice to have
    customers that appreciate the fact you can take care of them.
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