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Speaker Resistance ?

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Bob, Sep 4, 2012.

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  1. Bob

    Bob Guest


    Not an E.E., so please bear with me a bit.

    Have a 2" dia speaker in kid's toy.
    Seem like it doesn't work, but hard to get to, to verify.

    It says 8 ohms.

    I imagine that this is the Z, and not the dc resistance; correct ?

    a. What might be a "typical" dc resistance for a
    really small (2") speaker like this ?

    b. Can't get a really good look at it, as it is really embedded.
    It might be more of an electrostatic type of speaker, than the typical
    moving coil type.

    How would your answers for (a) change, if this is so ?

  2. Rich.

    Rich. Guest

    8 ohms is 8 ohms. If you were to completely disconnect the speaker and
    connect an ohmmeter across it's leads, the ohmmeter would read 8 ohms.
  3. Rich.

    Rich. Guest

    Really? Did you even try measuring the resistance of an 8 ohm speaker before
    say that it won't measure 8 ohms?
  4. Probably about 3/4 - 7/8th of the impedance.
    For a higher power speaker, the resistance will be
    significantly lower.
    A passive electrostatic speaker is capacitive, but they are
    normally used for higher frequences only, together with a
    coil speaker for the lower frequencies.
  5. Tom Biasi

    Tom Biasi Guest

    Hi Bob,
    If it says 8 ohms on it,it is most likely just a cheap speaker you could
    get at rat shack in several diameters.
    Not sure what you mean by "Seem like it doesn't work "
    Does sound come out of it or not?
    The speaker is not the only thing responsible for the sound.
    It's also down on the list of failures on such products.

  6. F Murtz

    F Murtz Guest

    If the reason for this discussion is to see if it works, just put a 1.5
    v battery across it intermittently and see if it crackles.
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