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Speaker refoam - coaxial

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by fatsam, Jul 15, 2005.

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  1. fatsam

    fatsam Guest

    Has anyone ever refoamed a coaxial speaker?
    I cant see how one removes the tweeter / dustcap to install shims.
    Does one just skip this step and hope for the best?

    ANy recommendations on Kit spupliers


    PS: Alpine 6248 & Alpine 6207 speakers
  2. Scott Dorsey

    Scott Dorsey Guest

    Okay, these aren't regular coaxial speakers, in that they don't have a
    compression driver. They just have a cheap dome tweeter mounted on a
    bridge in front of the woofer.

    I don't know the particular model, but I suspect they are not designed
    for the bridge to be removed. You may have to cut the bridge itself
    after desoldering the tinsel connections, if there is no clear way to
    dismount it.

    I _believe_ that Parts Express will have appropriate surrounds for
    the things. The stiffness may not be quite the same but it should be
    close enough, and I have been surprisingly pleased with the cheap
    generic material from them.

    They aren't in the Waldom book, although if you can find a Waldom dealer
    willing to sell to you, you should be able to get something more exact
    from them.
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