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Speaker overload (tweeter) protection using bulbs (repost)

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Eeyore, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    The blind leading the blind...

    its become common plase these days.."
  2. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    You're certainly blind as well as dumb.

  3. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    Look you geezer, you can back paddle all you want, it does
    not change the facts.

    Hacking up a post and twisting things around to detour, in an
    attempt to save face, won't cut it..

    Look, you want credit where credit is due? Ok.

    you're very good at dodging the bullet, or
    at least you think you are.

    You may have some fooled, but not all.

    Have a good day and may it rain on you bald
    head, hard!"
  4. Jamie

    Jamie Guest


    Boy, are you missed informed!

    Poor miss lead lamb !..

    Btw shit head, The programming is not my bread and
    butter, although I do use those skills in my regular job
    at the micro level base.. Something I don't think you can
  5. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    That's very creative. Did it take all the
    muster you could conjure up to spit that out?"
  6. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    It's back-pedal and I haven't.

  7. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

  8. liquidator

    liquidator Guest

    Dumb enough to flunk second grade spelling. It's 'place" not "plase".

    A mental giant he isn't. just killfile his stupid ass. His grave ain't worth
    pissing on.
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