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speaker noise

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Blah, Oct 3, 2005.

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  1. Blah

    Blah Guest

    I've posted this to other newsgroups but no one seems to have an
    answer. Hopefully someone here knows what's going on.

    Hello, I've had a problem with my Creative Inspire speakers. They're
    2400 I think. If I move the remote a litte bit or the wires for the
    power supply I get this (extremely) loud buzzing sound which had never
    really happened before except for an instant occasionally when I was
    plugging it in. This happens even if the volume is turned all the way
    down. The only way to stop it has been to leave the remote on the floor
    upside down. If it gets jarred even slightly it blasts its noise and I
    have to tap it again to get rid of it. One of the remote's wires
    connects to the sound card on my comp the other connects to the
    subwoofer. I can't disconnect the remote without disconnect the
    speakers from the card. Moving its wires around also seems to affect
    the sound on my left speaker if that helps. I've tried unplugging and
    plugging in all the connections again. Any solution? Thanks...
  2. Guest

    Seems like a clear case of interference to me. For a cheap solution you
    could try wrapping your wires in tin foil in order to shield them.
  3. I am a bit unclear about a fw things. Is your 'remote' connected
    by wires?!

    Anyway I think that the wires are for want of a better word 'crap'.

    Basically they are broken/partially broken leading to all sorts of
    electrical noise.

    Anyway I think basically its down to a dodgy connection somewhere
    along the line/wire, the solution being new wires/finding the dodgy
    and fixing it.
  4. Blah

    Blah Guest

    yeah the 'remote' which controls volume is connected as stated to the
    subwoofer and connects the speaker system to the sound card. I don't
    think its interference because the noise is extremely loud and happens
    only when the remote is moved or in a certain position. Other then that
    the speaker works okay. Is there a way to check for a broken line
    without stripping the wire?
  5. bloggybob

    bloggybob Guest

    bad solder connection on the remote board ?
  6. Wow must be old then, wires and connections rusted up?
    Yes, move the remote and listen for extremely loud noise from the speakers!!
  7. none

    none Guest

    Sound like a good place to start, if that doesn't work the OP might
    try looking into the power caps in the power supply. Leaky caps can
    make for some mighty irritating noises.
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