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Speaker Impedance Question

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by RWL, Jun 18, 2004.

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  1. RWL

    RWL Guest

    I recall this was kicked around in the group a couple of menths ago,
    but I have a variation on the topic.

    My son got a used stereo amplifier and had some 6 Ohm speakers. The
    stereo's sticker says to use 8 Ohm speakers.

    I understand the basic priciple that the 6 Ohm speakers will draw more
    current, but will that 2 Ohm difference be of significance?

    If we put a 2 Ohm resister in series with each speaker, would that
    solve the problem? What wattage resistor?



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  2. Bob

    Bob Guest

    I think the stereo will do fine into the 6ohm speakers. Its amplifier might
    run a little warmer (for the same output power) but I can't imagine it would
    be enough to hurt it.

    Don't put a 2ohm resistor in series with the speaker(s). The speaker sounds
    best when its voltage is controlled by the amplifier. With the resistor in
    place, the voltage across the speaker is now, to a much greater extent, at
    the mercy of the speaker's change in impedance (vs. frequency). The most
    noticeable effect will be in the bass end. The resonance of the speaker
    cabinet will be exaggerated, and the transient response (at the low end)
    will suffer.

  3. Guest

    With the lower resistance speakers, the current will be higher at the
    same voltages and the power output will be more. This means that you
    will simply use lower volume settings with the 6 ohm speakers than the
    8 ohm for the same loudness.

    The output will clip and the sound will be distorted at lower volume
    settings (when the output current limit cuts-in) with the 6 ohm

    The only difference will be that the volume control's range will be

  4. RWL

    RWL Guest

    Thanks Robin and Bob

    I was a litle concerned because a couple of years ago, he and his
    friends were reconnecting their amps and speakers after playing
    somewhere, and the bass amp's speakers somehow got connected so that
    they were drawing more current and it completely ruined the bass
    amplifier. I didn't want to have that occur.


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