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SPDIF to Analog converter.

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Dori, Sep 23, 2009.

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  1. Dori

    Dori Guest

    What? Huh? If you want 5.1 signal then you need a Dolby Digital decoder
    built into the receiver itself. They have SPDIF to analog converters but
    those faggots will only covert a uncompressed stereo stream into line
    level but will probably ingore the dolby digital stream if your lucky.
    Since your Home Theater is new, take the dicksucker back and exchange it
    for something that has a Dolby Digital input.

    Also you didn't specify if the digital output is Optical or Coaxial.
    SPDIF is the data flowing through the motherfucker, not the connector
    itself. SPDIF does not support 5.1 surround sound, it only supports
    stereo sound.
  2. Dori

    Dori Guest

    That COAX digital programmable output is probably to hook up the system
    to a real surround system to play the USB and SD Card through it.
    No, and neither will the SPDIF because SPDIF is stereo only. You're
    confusing SPDIF with Dolby Digital. They are not the same thing.
    Then you have nothing to lose by taking the faggot out to the back yard
    and beating it to death with a sledgehammer.

    You can use the headphone jack but you're only going to get stereo
    sound, not surround. It sounds like you would only get stereo out the
    digital output because like I said, SPDIF is stereo, not surround sound.

    SPDIF is the protocol flowing through the cable, not the connectors on
    the cable.
  3. Adrian C

    Adrian C Guest

    Your surround system is Pro Logic or something earlier. Replace it.
  4. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    This isn't a repair question how ever, I need a
    SPDIF to analog converter because My LCD TV only has
    SPDIF for audio output, my new Home theater only has
    LINE inputs (stereo) but does have digital output? (go figure).

    I would like one that passes the 5.1 signal, so that my
    surround system will process it.

    Those I have found, seem to indicate this 5.1 signal is
    filtered out?
  5. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    Actually, its not that early, I just got it(New)!

    It was a gift so it's not like an easy return.,,.

    It has USB, SD card options, HDMI outputs, Component outputs and LINE
    input . Along with a COAX digital programmable output!.

    it just does not have a SPDIF input on it. and the TV does not have
    the analog line output..
    It does have how ever, a head jack (stereo) output which I am
    wondering if that carries the 5.1 signal ?

    admittedly, it's a cheap system..

    1000Watts Colby. But, since it was free, I'd like to
    get the TV piped into it.
  6. Dori

    Dori Guest

    O.K. My Mistake, the O.P. should plug the HDMI output from his TV to the
    HDMI output on his HTIB and enjoy all the Dolby Digital UNCOMPRESSED!
    Surround Sound there is.

    Of course I'm lying. He wants to get the HTIB to do something it wasn't
    designed to do. That is, decode a 5.1 Dolby Digital stream via external
    source. The HTIB was obviously made for DVD viewing and decoding the
    surround sound stream from DVD players.

    Even if they made a box which would decode 5.1 channels how would he
    feed it to the surround sound system which more than likely doesn't have
    the 5 channel and 1 low frequency inputs?

    The solution is that he needs to buy an entirely new surround sound system.
  7. Dori, your pointless use of nasty/vulgar language is not appreciated.
  8. Dori, your pointless use of nasty/vulgar language
    He or she is doing it for the sake of doing it. And if he/she used the N
    word or the K word, he/she would be quickly struck down by the group.
  9. Adrian C

    Adrian C Guest

    Since Jamie has broken the cardinal rule of not supplying model numbers
    we haven't a clue what on earth he has.

    However, if the surround setup is some sort of cheep and cheery
    integrated system that includes a built-in DVD player, then there is a
    chance it may not include an input for Dolby Digital/DTS carried over
    S/PDIF type connections, to connect his TV.

    Should that TV have a standard analog stereo output which will include
    the original Dolby Surround information from the transmitted film
    soundtracks. Maybe there might be smarts inside the surround system to
    process that as Pro Logic. Dunno. No model number.

    If the system Pro Logic capable, and line level analog stereo audio is
    not available on the TV, I think Jamie should be capable, as someone who
    has an FCC radio ticket, of wielding a soldering iron and sorting that
    out. Or padding down the headphone output.

    Or buying a better (and 5.1/7.1) home theatre system based around a
    separate amplifier/receiver, and using the digital connection.
  10. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    I already have an existing system that uses LINE input from my 61"LCD
    into the surround. It properly decodes the 5.1 just fine.. !.

    I don't know where you're getting this idea from.

    The line inputs of my new home Theater does decode properly when
    I use a smaller LCD TV I have that just happens to have analog line out
    on it. So I know the system works as it should.

    I just need to convert this signal from the coax digital with out
    great pain.
  11. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    I tried the head phone output, that does work also how ever, I need to
    pass that through a impedance match amp to properly match that.. It just
    does not have the volume level needed, but does work. I may resort to
    that since that is a simple project I can through together.

    I know this system is a cheapy, but it was a gift. And yes, it's an
    integrated system..

    I could just simply give it away to my kid how ever, he has the same
    tv and it wouldn't work either..

    This unit is sold as a Colby 1000Watt system. And take my word for it.
    the 1000Watt is a full out lie!.

    You don't need to be an electrical engineer to quickly discover this
    when you examine the AC mains max demand that is labeled on the device!.
  12. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    Yes, its close to it. The one I have has all of that plus it
    as a USB and SD card reader in the back. Maybe this one also has
    it but just doesn't state it.

    And of course, the Wattage is a big fat lie!..

    They must be using some metric other than what we're
    accustom to.
    The supplied wire for the speakers at best is, 22 AWG and
    may even be 24 AWG.

    I once saw a labeling on a package from china, I can't remember
    the exact abbreviation used.. but something like PM,.CM ,PCM etc
    Must be a different scale of watts!
  13. Gnack Nol

    Gnack Nol Guest

    The actual output wattage vs the computed instentanious peak wattage is
    the key to wattage measurements. Every manufacturer uses their own
    formulas but most actually include the wasted current used by the output
    stages as actual effective wattage.

    I had a Fisher unit that was rated at only 8 watts from 8 to 20,000
    cycles and it was far superior to the then current 2-300 watt peak
    stereos because the rating on the Fisher was 8 watts continuous across an
    8 ohm speaker for an actual output current of 1 amp across the speaker.
    This was actually higher than the rated peak output on others.

    As far as I know Fisher was the only maker that ever used actual power
    output in their ratings.

    They generated a very stiff power supply by using 65,000 MF filter caps on
    the positive and negative supplies with a very heavy power transformer.
    The total voltage across the output IC pacs was around 120V total and the
    power supply was fused at 5 amps max.

    So yes it is possible to build a quality system but cheap usually wins out
    over quality.

  14. Bob Larter

    Bob Larter Guest

    According the webpage, it's "1000W RMS", which is obviously a blatant
    lie. Looking at it, & based on what the OP has said, I'd guesstimate its
    true output at 10W RMS, or maybe (being very generous) as high at 20W RMS.
  15. This unit is sold as a Colby 1000 watt system...

    Must be a pretty cheesy product...
  16. How would the group react upon learning that Dori is a child beater?
  17. Roger Blake

    Roger Blake Guest

    How would they react upon learning that you are a liar, a coward,
    and a weakling?
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