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spark plug equvalents

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by RB, Jul 26, 2004.

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  1. RB

    RB Guest

    What LM type plugs can I get that correspond to these:

    Champion RN-11YC

    Prestolite 14-L7B

    AC 45-L

    Champion H-10

    Champion RJ-19-LM (this one may already be one of the LM types...)

    I've searched Google and Vivisimo for equivalency charts, and couldn't find
    one that has matches for the above:
  2. Jim Adney

    Jim Adney Guest

    What does LM stand for? I'm not familiar with this.

  3. gothika

    gothika Guest

    You can call your local NAPA parts store and they'll give you
    crossovers to other brands.
    also try the website of the brand plug you want to replace these with.
    NGK, Nippendenso, AC autolite etc....
    LM usually refers to the SIZE of the plug, the L being Length.
    The RN-11yc is an old plug that was used in large displacement Lawn
    and utility small engines.(I've seen these in the larger Briggs and
    Stratton engines, 7hp and over as well as the two cylinder's used in
    Lawn tractors and Tillers.)
    The Champion Rj-19-LM is a plug for small to mid size Lawnmower
    engines. The J19LM is the best all around replacement for virtually
    all four stroke lawn engines. Fits about 90% of all mowers and
    produces a strong mid range spark.
    The R in RJ stands for resistor. The RJ's should be avoided at all
    These plugs have a very short life and when the resistor weakens with
    age conductance suffers.
    This results in a weakening of the spark produced until the plug fails
    altogether. Bad thing is lawn engines use electronic coils which can
    be damaged by resistor plugs going bad.
    I've lost count of the number of coils I've had to replace thanks to
    resistor plugs.

    That said, what type of engine are you trying to re-plug?
    Give me more info and I can check it in my parts books.

    Here's a link or two to help:
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