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South Africa and "smart" politics.

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Bart Bervoets, Apr 16, 2005.

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  1. Imagine, importing second hand is now mostly illegal, however, with a bit
    push you still can
    get import permits, but you pay quite a lot of taxes on what you import.
    Main reason is the so called unsafe second hand market.
    Importing new goods is free of taxes, local production is taxed 14%.
    Naturally, the market is flooded with inferior quality parts for cars,
    electronics, cheap radios,
    tv's that tend to blow up in a month... (or even catch fire as i have seen a
    few times by now).
    Loads of those articles don't even work on arrival or break very quick.
    I don't know who decided that but i do see what goes to the landfill.
    In the interest of safety?
    Wonder which asian with a factory works for the gouvernment.
    Are we on a brain drain or what?

    Bart Bervoets
  2. Do Little Jr

    Do Little Jr Guest

    That appears to be a world-wide thing since the start of this century.
    Certain powerful, wealthy and extremely greedy people are taken a
    big chunk out of each dollar from goods manufactured in China.
    At the same time and in return, China is getting a massive boost in
    its manufacturing base.

    In the not so long ago past, Germany was similar flooded with money
    for its industrial base. It took only one madman, Hitler, and everyone
    remembers what happened. Lets hope history does not repeat itself
    with a madman from China... for it will not only turn the American
    "dream" into the American "nightmare" but a nightmare for everyone.
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