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Sourcing ultrasonic "fogger" transducers

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by R Speir, Jan 4, 2007.

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  1. R Speir

    R Speir Guest

    I would like to build an ultrasonic fog generator (humidifier,
    nebulizer, mister, whatever you want to call it) for fun. I know I can
    buy one preassembled from any pet store, but that would eliminate the
    challenge and DIY aspect of the project. Problem is, I'm having
    trouble actually finding any transducers that. In fact, the actual
    part numbers and manufacturers have proven terribly elusive. TDK
    apparently manufactures a few piezo nebulizer parts, but I haven't been
    able to locate a vendor that sells them.

    I'm just wondering if anyone here knows where a hobbyist could order
    (or sample) a small quantity of 1-2 MHz high power piezo transducers
    that would be capable of producing fog when placed under a few cm of
    water, or could at least point me towards a product line/serial
    number/manufacturer that I could seach for. Thank you in advance for
    any help.
  2. Look online for the multiple-disk units. They sell spares.
  3. R Speir

    R Speir Guest

    Are the spare disks they sell actual piezo elements? In all the photos
    I've seen, the disks don't have any leads attached, so I assumed they
    simply sat on top of the piezo element and transmitted ultrasonic
    frequencies to the water.
  4. If you're in North America, and maybe other developed countries, the
    easiest source would ironically be commercial generators. You can
    easily find humidifiers at garage sales and rummage sales, and even
    if you want to build one, they may be the easiest and cheapest means
    of getting the transducer.

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  6. keithdisco

    keithdisco Guest

    maplin electronics sell them for £2.99 last time i looked here in the uk
    they are the transducer they connect through a spring and earthed through
    the metal can
  7. Guest

    Piezo transducers as a rule consist of a metal disk with the quartz
    bonded to one side, and a metal electrode vapor-deposited on the bare
    side of the quartz. One side of the signal goes to the metal disk, one
    side goes to the metal electrode. In many applications, there are no
    wires soldered to the disk at all; connection is made through springy
    contacts of one kind or another.
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