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Source /Sub for SV-3a Diode

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Bob T, May 12, 2008.

  1. Bob T

    Bob T Guest

    I have a marantz 4230 receiver with a blown amp
    looking for a SV-3a temp compensating diode (or an entire amp board)
    Can I use any temp compensating diode or is there something I should be
    looking for
  2. Bob T

    Bob T Guest

    thanks the only thing odd I noticed is that the SV-3a diode doesn't look
    like a diode using a dvm. i.e. looks open in either direction
    They do look like diodes when I put them on my huntron tracker which had me
    wondering if there were two devices in the case or something that might
    raise the forward voltage drop
    I have a few diodes from a old scott receiver that I'll try and see what

  3. Bob T

    Bob T Guest

    Thanks that's it I found a spec for the replacement and it had a forward
    voltage drop of 1.2V
    I put a pair of series connected 1n2002's and it seems to be running fine
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