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source needed for brackets

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by RB, Jan 10, 2006.

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  1. RB

    RB Guest

    Anyone know of some good sources of inexpensive brackets that would be
    adaptable to marine electronics gear (eqpt that there isn't a mfr to go to
    for these items)?
  2. Lynn Coffelt

    Lynn Coffelt Guest

    Not very classy, but some of my frugal (not me) customers have used common
    "Stanley" brand "L" brackets, packs of two, in a couple of sizes from any
    hardware or general store.
    Old Chief Lynn
  3. Can't picture exactly what you are looking for, but I've made brackets out
    of aluminum stock.
    I've also made a rack (more like a big hook ) for my binoculars by
    saturating some 3/16 braided line in epoxy and forming it to shape before
    Again, not sure what you need, but West Marine carries the RAM swivel mounts
    for electronics..
  4. RB

    RB Guest

    OK. Thanks for the thoughts, guys.

    I think the L brackets are what I'll be going with. The only concern I have
    about using them is the quick rust factor in salt environment. But, the
    obvious thing to do there is simply replace 'em often. They're cheap.
  5. Make your brackets out of Aluminum - it rarely rusts :)

    Peter Bennett, VE7CEI
    peterbb4 (at)
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