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Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Bob Carlson, Sep 2, 2003.

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  1. Bob Carlson

    Bob Carlson Guest

    I work at a company that build grain drying equipment, sometimes for
    export. I received these two photos of components that my customer in
    the Philippines says came from an Allen-Bradley PLC power supply:

    He wants to try to repair the power supply rather than just replacing
    it. Quite frankly the whole idea of repairing the power supply seems a
    little odd to me but he wants to do it. The current version of the
    power supply does not appear to have the exact component in it.

    In browsing around I think I get close but I am not sure I have it
    exactly right, especially the resistor. It looks like an OHMITE 20 ohm
    is available but the 22 is not on the sheet:

    NEWARK sells the OHMITE resistor but the on line catalog say to call for
    availability for the 20 ohm resistors. They have not returned my calls.

    Do the markings on the resistor look familiar? Does it look like I am
    chasing a ghost?

    thanks in advance

    Bob Carlson
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