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Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Bob Carlson, Sep 4, 2003.

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  1. Bob Carlson

    Bob Carlson Guest

  2. Bob Carlson

    Bob Carlson Guest

    I see what yo mean about the CSA, I should have recognized it.

    I am having some trouble with the data sheet but you have given me a lead to

  3. Bob Carlson

    Bob Carlson Guest

    Am I making a bad assumption that this device is a resistor? The
    site shows thermal cutoffs with a similar picture. Is this thing a thermal


  4. making a bad assumption that this device is a resistor? The
    It appears to be part of the ELCUT family of battery protection
    devices, but it isn't in either the Japanese or English datasheets.

    "Battery Protection Devices
    ELCUT thermoprotectors are assisting various batteries protection.
    Especially, they are applied for the overheat or overcharge protection
    of Lithium-Ion Batteries."

    Most definitely, it is a fusible resistor/overcurrent/thermal
    protection device of some kind - not just a regular resistor. It's
    also likely to be safety-critical, so best find an *exact* substitute
    unless you enjoy burning buildings to the ground.
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