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Source for Onkyo OPU?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by John Hudak, Apr 20, 2007.

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  1. John Hudak

    John Hudak Guest

    I have a Onkyo DR-c500 5.1 HT receiver/amp that has a 5-disk DVD/CD
    changer. The OPU (phillips) has developed a problem (not always being
    able to read the disk-any disk). I understand this is a common failure
    in this unit. Does anyone know where I could get a replacement OPU? I
    called Onkyo and the 'repair shop price' is around $360! Suggested list
    is $500. Buying a $100 sony DVD player would solve the problem but I
    like the convenience of the integrated player, and one less remote
    control. Any suggestions on repairing the OPU directly? e.g. what are
    some things to look at? I've dusted and cleaned the lense, checked the
    supply voltages. Its probably an alignement problem but I don't have any
    alignment disks. Why do they mfg this junk and charge outragous prices
    for replacement parts and promote the throw away mentality? After
    buying this, I certaintly would not buy another Onkyo product...
  2. It's a Philips mech - sold pre-aligned with it's matching circuit board.
    That's why it's so expensive.
    Of course, that's the whole point - to discourage any out-of-warranty
    repair. We are just supposed to buy another piece of junk so we can continue
    to feed the Chinese army. Last time I checked Onkyo had a couple hundred of
    those mechs in stock. No surprise nobody's rushing to buy them...

    Mark Z.
  3. P.S.

    re: Onkyo:

    It's their Philips-built optical players that aren't such great performers
    or economical to fix. A few of their single-disc types use Pioneer mech,
    which are much better.

    Their receivers and amps etc are just fine.

    Mark Z.
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