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Sound sensing circuit

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by Ron Davis, Jan 21, 2004.

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  1. Ron Davis

    Ron Davis Guest

    I am looking for a simple circuit that will toggle on a small LED flasher
    when it senses a very loud noise. It will need to toggle the other circuit
    on and stay on even after the noise has subsided. Maybe with a reset switch
    to start the thing over again. Something similar to the "clapper" for
    controlling lights but just need the on condition. Also need some
    adjustment to vary the sensitivity and/or frequency that will be picked up.

    This is for a daughters science fair project. Thanks.
  2. bj

    bj Guest

    LEDs that light up depending on volume,
    apparently you're supposed to pin this to your shirt and be the cool
    dude at the disco.
    I bought this thing to measure sound levels for a project I'm working
    on and I reckon all I have to do is use one of
    the LED outputs to do whatever I want

    cheers bj
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