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Sound Recording ChipSet?

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Jim Douglas, Nov 16, 2006.

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  1. Jim Douglas

    Jim Douglas Guest

    I want to make a small device that will record basic sound snippets, for
    example, depending on the size of the memory, 100-500 3-5 seconds sound
    snippets. It needs to be real small, possibly the size of a matchbook.

    Any ideas on where to look, I have googled for sound chips and found
    way tooo much. I am thinking there must be some type of chip that I
    could i/f with memory to record and store the data, no playback in the
    device as that would be done in the computer. It would need to be able
    to record in a format that could be played on a PC, quality should be
    good but not CD/FM quality.


    Jim Douglas
  2. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    Start looking at the AVR and PIC's that have lots of ram in it..
    well , enough for your short burst.
    get the processor that employs an ADC input, you can use one of the
    output in PWM to regenerate it. you would need to get one of those
    SMT amplified ceramic mic's to drive the ADC input.
    pick through the chips to find one that will operate on lower voltage
    so that you can use a 3 volt lithium cell etc..
  3. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    Holtek do this stuff IIRC.

  4. Use The Google for yamp (yet another mp3 player)
    and check out avrfreaks, lot of stuff on mp3 there

    How are you going to control it, random or in sequence, ie, what is
    the interface going to be?

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