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Sound module suggestions?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by David Harper, Jun 14, 2004.

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  1. David Harper

    David Harper Guest

    I'm looking for an audio module that can store atleast 10
    addresses/messages (1 sec duration approx). I like quadravox's QV306,
    but was wondering if there's any other options out there that might be
    a little less expensive. Anyone have any experience or suggestions?

  2. onestone

    onestone Guest

    Try They bought out ISD a while back. ISD make solid
    state voice recorders. Some of these are switch driven, some require a
    microcontroller to manage them.

    If you only require playback the cheapest and simplest method would
    probably be a small IIC or SPI flash memory, couple with a very cheap
    micro, or some discrete logic to set start/end addresses.

    Alternatively if you have any knowledge of microcontrollers you could
    use a flash based part with large enough memory, and flash self
    programming capability to implement this. An MSP430, for instance, using
    straight forward 12 bit analog record and 12->8 bit log compression at
    6800 samples/second (adequate for voice) would give very high quality
    speech for around 8 seconds. While using something like the modified
    CVSD algorithm posted on the Msp430 yahoo group ftp site with a sample
    rate of 16kHz you would get very passable speech at just 2k/second, so
    around 28 seconds in the MSP430F149.

    1 second messages are not very long. Some years ago when I was
    developing my own speech compression algorithms I studied average word
    lengths, taking 20 different speakers, each reading 5 1000 word
    passages. Without silence, which can be software inserted, I calculated
    that the average spoken word required 0.4 seconds of storage.


  3. David Harper

    David Harper Guest

    Wow, thanks for the info! I'll definately check them out. Yeah, I'm
    versed in microcontrollers (atleast Basic Stamps), so interfacing it
    shouldn't be too hard.

    Thanks again!
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