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Sony XBR weird pincushion problem KV32XBR85

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by pink, Dec 20, 2005.

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  1. pink

    pink Guest

    I have a Sony 32 inch TV KV32XBR85 with a weird pincushion/horizontal
    problem. The picture alternates between two problems states: one where
    the top and bottom of the picture are stretched out (like a corset) and
    a second where the picture is pinched about an eighth of the distance
    from the top & bottom (like an urn). At power on the picture tends to
    be in the first state then flickers back & forth between the second
    state, eventually settling on the second state. It's a bit hard to
    describe so here are actual pics of the screen:

    pic 1:
    pic 2:

    I haven't opened up the set yet. I tried the smack test, without any
    effect on the picture. This is a nice TV and definitely worth fixing
    IMO. Any tips on what to check, common failure parts or rebuild kits
    would be much appreciated. TIA.
  2. Guest

    Look for the 'been hot' larger coil in the horizontal circuit and
    replace it. Troubleshoot the rest of the circuit as well. While it is
    apart you should go ahead and resolder all the low voltage regulators
    you can find and the IF coils and maybe some connections inside the
  3. pink

    pink Guest

    Okay, I took the chassis out today and inspected it closely. None of
    the coils (or anything else) showed evidence of overheating or
    burntness. While I had the set apart I reflowed any suspect solder
    connections (most looked pretty good but I figured resoldering couldn't
    hurt), and reseated all the connectors I could find, put it back
    together, but no luck.

    I don't have much in the way of troubleshooting equipment other than a
    DVM (no schematics etc.) I was hoping to find a common failure kit at
    Tritronics which saved my butt in the past but no luck there either -
    Tritronics lists only a few components for this chassis, and most of
    them are no longer available anyway.

    Anything else I should try before throwing in the towel?
  4. Guest

    Since it looks like the picture quality and brightness would be pretty
    good if it were working, I would say the next step is to probably take
    it into a technician who has the equipment, service manual, and lots of
    Sony tv experience from that era.

    Given that most of the set is working at this point, the repair cost
    might no be so much if you take it into the shop. Consumer Reports
    probably would not recommend even having the set repaired, but I would
    say if it is less than $100, go for it.
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