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Sony Vaio PCG-FX240 laptop repair

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by mike, Sep 19, 2003.

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  1. mike

    mike Guest

    hello all - I bought a semi late model Sony Vaio laptop from a local
    individual here with a broken DC input jack. Nice unit, thin, PIII 800, etc
    but after installing a new DC jack, it appears the board is dead. My tech
    says that the unit is getting power thru the new DC input all the way to the
    switching circuitry. He doesnt have schematics for this model but he
    believes the switching circuitry receives some sort of signal before it will
    allow power-up to the rest of the board. Been doing some net research on
    this line and it looks like this is a common problem with these units.
    Several for sale on Ebay with similar symptoms.

    The seller believes this unit will power up thru a dock station and I have
    read one account of a unit with similar damage would only power up thru the
    dock.. Is this possible although the unit will not power up thru the
    external power inlet? Also, the battery appears to have an open circuit. Do
    the Sony Vaio batteries have complex design such that a working unit would
    appear to have an open circuit?

    Appreciate any help or commentary.
    Mike in Dallas
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