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sony tv static noise

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Max, Jul 5, 2006.

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  1. Max

    Max Guest

    I have Sony TV model KV-27V45 TV works fine except that I hear static
    noise through speakers.Even when TV in Video mode the noise still
    exist.The main board looks fine.Try to turn TV on in the dark place to
    check if its noise coming from HV cap on CRT.Did not see any sparks
    around cap.So I'm stock.If somebody has similar problem please help
  2. John Savage

    John Savage Guest

    Does the volume or tone of the static noise change when you change
    the tv's audio volume setting? I.e., with volume turned right down, does
    the static disappear? This detail might help someone in hazarding a
    guess at the source.

    I was confronted with a TV that exhibited variable "frying" noise. I
    tracked it down to a crack in the ferrite case of the UHT transformer I
    think it was, and a spark was emerging from within the transformer and
    crackling across to some adjacent metal bracket. I wedged a piece of
    styrene foam in the gap to widen it as a temporary, i.e., long term :)
    measure. Worked for me.
  3. Guest


    This Sony model and so many others are 'riddled' with dry and broken
    solder joints caused by the continuous expansion and contraction of
    components and metal parts with changing temperatures.
    I would suspect an intermittent solder connection first.

    Steve Balstone steve balstone
  4. Max

    Max Guest

    It doesnt change the noise when I put volume up or down.Its permanent
    noise even sometimes on picture you'll see some lines.Check the solder
    connection on the board.They all fine.
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