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Sony TV powers off automatically after few secs

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Ann Onymous, Jan 29, 2004.

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  1. Ann Onymous

    Ann Onymous Guest

    My Sony KV20S30 20" TV has recently gone on the fritz. When I turn on
    the power, I hear the initial powerup click, followed by the usual soft
    metallic "tunk" (what is that sound, anyway?) one second later; then,
    after 2-3 seconds, it quietly powers off (I can just barely hear the
    speakers turn off). This sequence repeats itself as often as I press the
    power button. It's never on long enough for a picture to appear.

    I've tried unplugging it for hours or days, but nothing resets. When my
    DVD had the identical problem, that seemed to fix it.

    Anything I should know or try before taking the TV in for service?
  2. RubbishRat

    RubbishRat Guest

    This sort of behaviour can be baffling but what's happening is, the onboard
    computer is detecting a problem with one or more of the power supply rails.
    You can switch it on and off till you grow old, but as long as the detected
    parameter is out of spec the TV will not be allowed to start up. If you
    really want to find out what's going on and maybe even learn how to fix it,
    read the pages of this web site but be warned
    unless you have a genuine interest in electronics, it's uphill work. in fact
    even if you do have a genuine interest it's still pretty steep :^)
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