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Sony TV KV27TS27

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Joust, Jul 13, 2003.

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  1. Joust

    Joust Guest

    i know this has been mentioned a dozen times or more but i have a case that
    is slightly different.

    i fixed a ground problem and some tuner issues. An i have identified my bad
    now i have picture but very faint sound (most likely due to sbx1637-11 which
    i have not bought yet.

    my problem is this.
    I also have a strange problem with the tuner. It seems that switching
    between TV and Video does nothing....much. It stays on TV (RF input) sound
    works but squeals a bit and is very faint.

    I resoldered the solder points within the tuner and now it seems to switch but no more
    video in video mode.. the sound is somewhat louder in video mode too.

    i tried changing a couple caps on the sbx1637-11 but there seems to be more
    wrong with it. i'll order one from somewhere.

    if someone could recomened something to look for to fix the tv/video
    switching problem i'd really appreciate it.


  2. Contact SONY Technical Services and ask for any service bulletins regarding
    your specific chassis.
  3. Sidney

    Sidney Guest

    You can find free Sony service bulletins and free schematic downloads

    as Sony does not sell service bulletins nor service manuals directly
    to the public but their literature is available to be purchased
    through there authorized repair parts distributors.All techs in our
    industry "SHOULD KNOW THIS".

    The first site has free Sony,Zenith and other makes of free
    downloadable repair tips program:

    then click on "TSS log for Sony direct view"

    Here is an article that I contributed to NESDA and written by Joe
    Sopko that has many equal part #'s for that SBX1637-01/11:
  4. Joust

    Joust Guest

    searched those sites.
    some bulitins about dead units and the tuner solder problem but nothign
    about the rf/Video switching.

    if i could only get the unit to Video only then it would work well in my
    can someone help me achieve that?
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