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sony tv,adjust without remote?

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by David Askari, Apr 8, 2004.

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  1. David Askari

    David Askari Guest

    same story, lost sony remote, can,t adjust brightness, channel
    settings, and something else, only picture has a botton. Looks like
    a bad deal with stock remotes going for alot if available.
  2. If your set is more than about 10 years old, most of these had a front
    user button marked menu. There were a pair of arrow keys next to it
    to allow you to go to the user menus to do adjustments.

    If your set is of the newer series, you need the origional factory
    romote to do anything. This is for all of the new sets of today. The
    only thing they put on the front panel is a power switch, volume
    controls, and maybe up-down chanel buttons.

    You can order an origional remote from any of the authorised Sony
    parts distributors, or Sony themselves. Some Sony retailers may be
    able to have one for you. The name brand remotes are fairly expensive,
    so be prepaired.

    A universal remote will not work for the menu setups on most of the
    name brand sets.

    Jerry G.
  3. David Askari

    David Askari Guest

    A universal remote will not work for the menu setups on most of the
    it is more than ten years old and if I could find a sony remote at
    thrift shops or garage sales for that span of years, it will work
    mine. But I have come across every remote ever made from emerson to
    apples tv (sony) no menu, and other good brands and some jvc ones
    costing 170 dollars ( a big vcr controllers and jogler) but even
    better i have seen sony remote for cd,s and vcr,s but not ONE SINGLE
    TV REMOTE OF ANY ERA. You can see it been a while, I was looking even
    before i needed one. There is one adustment called picture which
    seems to be a brightness and contrast combined which I can use to make
    the tv ok.
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