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Sony Trinitron KV-27TS20

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Scott Lane, Apr 27, 2006.

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  1. Scott Lane

    Scott Lane Guest

    16 year old tv. Check the back of the set for two adjustment holes. One will
    be for focus, the other will make it too bright. See if you can adjust the
    focus any better. If not the picture tube is probably toast.

    A loose connection is usually oneof the easier repairs to make, but not
    always. (Especially if it is in the shadow mask). Easy money. Turn the
    board upside down, remember it is very fragile and will shock you. The big
    red wire will hurt bad. Try not to unhook any wires if you don't have to but
    if you do make sure you know exactly where they go. I use a sharpie
    sometimes. A good light and look closely at each and every solder joint,
    starting with the larger ones and you will be able to see any obvious
    cracks.Keep your tip clean with a wet sponge and resolder any suspect
    connections. Inspect your handiwork very closely and if you bridge two
    joints together remove the excess solder with solder wick. Reassemble and
    tap on the board to verify no bad connections. If there are, repeat :eek:)

    But the first thing you should do is read read the faq. Sam is The Man.
    Good luck. Scott
  2. This set at one time had a fantastic picture, but over time and a coupl
    of household moves the picture quality isn't what it used to be.
    Manufactured in 06/1990, I am soliciting opinions as to whether
    should have it fixed or just go get another set.

    Two main problems are 1) Overall brightness is no longer very good
    even with the brightness knob all the way up. I have calibrated th
    set using my own eyes and also using a DVD calibration disc -- the
    yielded roughly the same settings. 2) Overall focus isn't as sharp a
    it used to be either, but it is very fuzzy along the outside edges o
    the screen. I can't read the news tickers at the bottom of the scree
    very well at all, it just looks like cotton balls.

    The only reason I'm even thinking about repair is that a few weeks bac
    my young son was running in front of the set and the picture became a
    clear as the first day I had it! This lasted for a couple of week
    then went back to being fuzzy.

    Any ideas? I've heard about bad solder joints and maybe the dynami
    focus isn't working. Please help
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