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Sony Trinitron Contrast Issue

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Steve Reinis, Jul 23, 2003.

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  1. Steve Reinis

    Steve Reinis Guest

    The monitor in question is manufactured by Sony and is a Trinitron display,
    but it's branded as a Dell UltraScan 1000HS. I bought it used for $40 and
    it was a steal as far as I'm concerned because it's been working flawlessly
    for months now.

    The CRT seems to still have great emissions, but the firmware is really
    limiting it's full potential. Let me explain why.

    First off, everything is adjusted through on-screen menus. In addition to
    the standard controls for brightness and Contrast, there is a single button
    to the left with a "box" type icon above it. Pressing this button once
    gives you "Standard Mode." While in Standard mode, you get a nice setting
    of contrast and brightness for everyday use without being so bright that it
    strains your eyes. The contrast/brightness controls have normal effects on
    the display. Press this button again and you will be in "Presentation
    Mode." In Presentation mode, you get SUPER Contrast, but the brightness
    seems unaffected. Press the button once more and you end up in
    "Graphics/Video Mode." You again have super contrast, but you also get a
    SUPER sharp picture. It actually blurs text, but video and graphics are
    super vibrant and very clear.

    Now when it standard mode, the contrast needs to be set at 100% or else
    there isn't enough contrast for my taste. I keep brightness at about 47%.
    Obviously the contrast is being limited by firmware because when in
    "Presentation mode," there is an abundance of contrast and you end up with a
    very bright picture.

    So I've gotten into the habit of just hitting the mode button and switching
    to Presentation mode. However, the monitor defaults back to standard mode
    whenever you change resolution or the monitor goes to sleep and is later

    Can I change the "default" setting in the service menu? Or by any other

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