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Sony/Sun monitor has"wiggles" at top of raster

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Isaac Wingfield, Jul 14, 2003.

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  1. It's a Sony GDM 20D10. It has recently developed a problem with
    horizontal "wiggles" at the top of the raster. The wiggles displace the
    scan lines to the left and right by a short distance, in the upper
    quarter-inch or so of the raster. They do not "move"; they are
    completely static displacements of the scan lines. They do not "scale"
    with raster resolution. There are about five of them in the top quarter

    Not there when the monitor is turned on, they become more prominent as
    it warms up. If I shut it off for a while, they're gone when I first
    turn it on again. Recently, the wiggles have been evident further down
    the raster, but becoming progressively smaller as they go.

    I suspect a part (probably an electrolytic) is going out. Can anyone
    suggest which one(s) I should attack first?

  2. Well, I googled the heck out of "GDM 20D10" both with and without
    "dkuhajda" or "david" and came up dry (except for the present thread).

    I'm no newbie to electronicdesign/repair or to monitors; can you give me
    a hint?


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