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Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by dario, Oct 16, 2007.

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  1. dario

    dario Guest

    I'm having problems with my STR-V555ES,when i turn it on i do not get
    anything on the display,and the mutting led blinks for about 15
    seconds,the it will stop blinking and i get the display on,now when I
    move the volume control either up or down the DB numbers cout so
    slow,and the mute light will blink,at this point nothing works,the
    second relay sound doesn't came up,sometimes i wait many hours and
    even days!,and then it will came on, on in one millon will start
    without a problem.
    If i get it to work i play a movie in DST,after 20 minutes the volume
    will get much higher and there is no way to control it,and some other
    times i have protection error.
    If anyone can help me
  2. Andy Cuffe

    Andy Cuffe Guest

    I repaired one that had some bad caps on the DSP board. They were
    near some hot voltage regulators. Based on the design, I would be
    surprised if this problem doesn't eventually affect all of them.
    Andy Cuffe

  3. Dave

    Dave Guest

    First off, learn to use the period. In case you're not familiar with it, a
    period is an article of punctuation one uses at the end of sentences. In
    case you're not familiar with them, sentences are single thoughts, which are
    written in the manner you might speak them. Periods and sentences aid the
    reader to assimilate the information contained therein in logical chunks.
    For your information, it goes against common rules of grammer to string
    punctuation marks together such as (!,) above. Also in case you are
    unaware, the article "I" is ALWAYS capitalized. Similarly, a comma (,) is
    ALWAYS followed by a space.

    Before you respond that English is not your native language (and I assume
    that it is not) please note that most languages follow similar rules of
    grammar. There are very few languages in which it is acceptable to just
    keep typing,and then keep typing some more,switching topics
    periodically,with changes in tense and person,indefinitely, separating only
    by commas,you know what i mean,i think.

    Sorry to seem like a nitpicker, but we are not text messaging each other
    here. It would take no more time and only a modicum more effort for you to
    set out your thoughts clearly and coherently, following the rules of
    grammar, than it did to string out that mess of gibberish above. You are
    making it more difficult for people to understand what your problem is and
    less likely that they respond with any sort of helpful advice.

    On the issue of your technical difficulties, I'd check the power supply
    rails feeding the logic components on the all boards, +5V in most cases. It
    sounds like a microprocessor/IC issue, and they can do crazy things with
    incorrect or inconsistent power. If there is a common IC which controls
    volume and drives the digital display, I'd look there first.
  4. Lynn

    Lynn Guest

    Google is your friend you cum hungry bitch.
  5. The 555ES is really not but the novice or doit-yourself-er.

    Mark Z.
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