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Sony STR-V2 Schematic

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by N. C., Sep 11, 2005.

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  1. N. C.

    N. C. Guest

    I am looking for a schematic of a Sony Receiver, model STR-V2.

    Tuner section is not working.

  2. How old is this model?

    I find an STR-V200 from 1998.....

    Mark Z.
  3. N. C.

    N. C. Guest

    Much older, 1979 model, fairly basic variable capacitor type tuner. I
    haven't really tried to trace it, thought a schematic would make it much

    Unit was working perfectly until a few weeks ago. Amplifier still works.
  4. I have the schematic on fiche. Simple things to check:

    B+ to the tuner starts at the emitter of the 15V regulator, Q601, then it
    goes through the function switch to the front end. Try cleaning the function
    switch. Do you hear any static in FM mode with the muting turned off?
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