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Sony SLV-SE820 bad recording

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Neven, Sep 7, 2003.

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  1. Neven

    Neven Guest


    I have Sony's VCR, model SLV-SE820.

    When playing back just recorded tape
    i got picture with bad vertical sync.
    Vertical sync is okay only about 3-5 secs close to an end of recording.
    Playback of previously recorded tapes (before above malfunction) is ok.

    I'm generally quite handy with electronics, but i have never repaired vcrs.

    I have excluded the mechanical parts as also the recording heads to be
    the cause of malfunction.

    Reading some forums with other vcr's similar problem,
    i've read on possibility on bad micro IC, or leaky electrolites.

    Can anyone please direct me to possible problem solution?

    Many thanks,

  2. Damir

    Damir Guest

    Check and clean sync head once again.
  3. Loren Coe

    Loren Coe Guest

    hmmm, sounds like you want an 'Easter egg'? vcr's, being almost
    throw away items now, it's not likely that you will find it.
    but that is a good idea, anyway, vcr's are not for casual repair
    folk, i speak from experience (as one myself ;).

    maybe there s/b or actually is an Easter Egg List somewhere? it's
    a great idea and perfect for the web. lot's of Bud ird problems
    were identified and posted by brand, model, and fix. this was
    some years ago before the current archiving sites started up.

    Sam, maybe you have an idea along these lines? --Loren
  4. Neven

    Neven Guest

    I agree with you.
    It's difficult, without grip and everyday's experience.
    I've done TV repairs in past, but today i'm a bit lost - lack of practice
    and lack of everyday's problem solving done its job.

    'Easter Egg list', as you call it, would be of help,
    that's certain.
    Bad thing is a bit of dissapointment i have, in Sony as brand,
    especially when their TV's and VCR's go bad, just couple of weeks after
    warranty period.
    Still, electronics repair have it's own charm, it always will.

    Thanks everyone,
    any comments on 'synchro' problem would be appreciated

  5. Neven

    Neven Guest

    I did the cleaning with scope first thing when i've encountered the problem.
    But, logically - if i have 4 heads on drum of which 2 are for play/record on
    SP, and
    other 2 for LP.
    Outside the drum, full erase head and audio+sync head.
    Bad vertical synchro on recordings is happening on SP as also on LP.
    I've cleaned and checked the synchro head 2 times, it's clean, cannot be

    I've decided to give the vcr to a friend who works in vcr/tv repair service.
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