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Sony SLV-SE727 service doc wanted.

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Cees Keyer, May 8, 2005.

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  1. Cees Keyer

    Cees Keyer Guest


    I've got a problem with a sony vcr type slv-se727
    When i record something it can't (H)sync the replay picture.
    All previous recorded or bought movies play normaly.
    A still frame from the recorded stuff stands still as it should be,
    except replaying is without sync.

    Any sugustions?
    or does some one have the service doc, in pdf format.
    Mailbox will take <10 Mbyte.
    Spam trap in address remove -no-spam-

    tnx in advance
  2. First things first - a proper cleaning is in order.

    Mark Z.
  3. Cees Keyer

    Cees Keyer Guest

    I cleaned all heads but still the same result.

  4. His statement was that a "proper cleaning" is the first step. Cleaning the
    heads and not cleaning the rest of the tape path, particularly the ridge of
    oxide on the capstan and reconditioning the pinch roller, would indicate
    that you don't know what a proper cleaning is. The tape path is much more
    likely to need cleaning than the heads, particularly in the scenario that
    you described.

  5. Then the next step is to check the tape travel in the tape path. Are there
    any creases at the bottom of any of the tapes? Is it curling at the exit
    from the pinch roller or at the entrance or exit from the drum? Is the RF
    envelope OK?

  6. Cees Keyer

    Cees Keyer Guest

    Leonard Caillouet wrote:
    snip stuff clipped
    I cleaned the capstan and the comnplete tape path.
    I did it at the same time as the head head drum etc.
    The recorder did "see" just 50 tape's so capstan didn't need much
    It's just out of waranty so.

  7. Cees Keyer

    Cees Keyer Guest

    Hmmm the vcr throw the tape out spontaniously, so there is some problem
    in the tape path... i think but where to look, i am not a video
    specialist just an emc and rf specialist, so need some help in this
    Tape path in the dierction of playing a tape (clock wise)
    The first head is ?
    Then the video drum with 4 heads
    then a second head with a flat cable on top.
    And than the capstan with rubber roler.

    So if i put a tape in than the vcr moves does stream the tape a bit
    forward, and eject the tape again..

    shoot me
  8. Ken Weitzel

    Ken Weitzel Guest


    From the supply reel; first the control head; then the
    drum, finally audio.

    Sincerely doubt that cleanliness or alignment is the problem
    though, else you'd not be nicely playing previously recorded

    At risk of being offensive, and if so I apologize... is it
    possible that you're trying to record things that you
    shouldn't be? (inverted sync, for instance?)

    You still don't have to be shot, though :)

    Take care.

  9. Cees Keyer

    Cees Keyer Guest

    Nope, if so i would use a cable descrambler...
    I understand it might be a software problem, the spontaniously removal
    of head overtake point from the software,,,,
    That's one reaction i got.
    It will take the first few frames normaly but than ... a mess in the H
    sync department.

    And if i need to adjust the vcr i need probably the service doc... and
    some special tools .
    Or is a scope and spectrum analyzer etc enough...
    Or do i need a tv with a modified H and V sync for seeing the "side" of
    the picture.
    i'll do, living near a lake so i'll strap the vcr to my feet and drown
    my self :S
  10. Rifleman

    Rifleman Guest

    You might check the back tension if your video throws out the tape
    Any trouble with back tension will cause tape to go up or downwards on the
    video drum and the rest of the path. It depends on which side of the drum
    the tape is thrown out, on the take up side (to the right) most possible
    cause is bad take up torque at he take up reel. Vice verse with back tension
    When this happen your tapes could probably be damaged in no time.

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