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SONY SLV-750HF need servo schem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Feb 10, 2005.

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    I need the capstan and lower head cylinder schematic for this Sony. I
    believe that one of these circuits is causing my problem.

    When you press "play", you get audio and video for a second. Then, blue
    screen. Does it on SP as well, but audio sounds slow on that speed.
    I can also get it to play just for a second if I slow the pinch roller
    or remove the tension off of it with my fingers.

    Have tried aligning the control head (audio is crisp)however, I cannot
    find a 30hz anywhere in the servo circuit. (Control head is not open).

    I have replaced the capstan motor with no results. It's doubtful that
    a head is bad because the video is perfect when it's there. I hope
    that someone has a diagram for this unit. Thanks in advance, Rick
  2. Is the back tension band in good shape?

    Do you have a Tentelometer to set the proper back tension?

    Jeff Stielau
    Shoreline Electronics Repair
    344 East Main Street
    Clinton,CT 06413
    860-664-3535 (fax)

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